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Deja Vu or, "I've been here before. I know this place!" | Child of Dachau | Dreaming into the Past | KARMA : The Universal Law of Cause and Effect | Quotes, Poems and Principles | The Ancient Wisdom | Recommended Reading | Recommended Websites
REINCARNATION & THE SOUL: A thoughtful journey through past lives.
Recommended Websites

THE ANCIENT WISDOM: (click) Here you will find a record of channelled writngs from the spirit guide Chagton. The Ancient Wisdom is a record of Mankind's understanding of himself handed down through many millenia in the form of Myth, Poetry, Art (even the cave paintings at Lascaux) and spiritual writngs. As time passes these communication forms fall into highly developed styles which appeal more to the unconscious understanding within ourselves than to the physical, the literal, the concrete 'black and white' of meaning. This is why scriptural writings lose their power so quickly, for the powers that keep them going insist upon their literal truth rather than their underlying meaning - between the lines so to speak. But enough of this ... read, digest, accept then reject if you wish.


Carol Bowmans website based on her remarkable book Children's Past Lives, which is reviewed on the previous page.

YESTERDAYS PEOPLE: (click) An account of past life experiences by Josephine Sellers, hypnotherapist and author. From an early age Josephine had memories of past lives. Inhibited by the Christian culture in which she developed, it was some time before she could muster the courage to accept that what she saw, felt and heard were indeed a reality with which she had to come to terms.


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