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KARMA : The Universal Law of Cause and Effect
REINCARNATION & THE SOUL: A thoughtful journey through past lives.

As you journey through this life, you will undoubtedly meet people who you knew in past lives and if your intuitions and hunches are working well, then you will very likely recognise them - the recognition will not always be mutual, it might even be uncomfortable and full of friction for you may have inflicted some harm which is unconsciously being resented by the other person. In male/female situations the inner resentment may be very damaging, a sort of inevitable melding of personalities with a dangerous underlying and inexplicable resentment. Only an understanding of the Past Life phenomenon will sort the relationship out, and maybe even move it on to its intended ending. If not the penalty can be an on-going resentment and violence in a chained relationship.

You may assume that you will meet the people you mean to meet. This can be a great help if the friends in this life have a like mind, having used their lives to develop their understanding, and are therefore able to give support. If however your aquaintances have little understanding, and can only react to the fixed belief patterns of their culture, then they can be a nuisance. For instance a woman who regularly cohabits with men who beat her up may be re-enacting a story from previous lives which goes on repeating itself, and will do so until that woman becomes aware of her Self and who she is and where she is, and is able to escape the sad round of violence and abuse.

A man who was a vicious torturer in, say, the 12th century, may in this life have reached such an understanding, such a spiritual development that he decides in this life to take up some healing profession which can balance the damage he has inflicted upon himself, as well as others, in past lives. The point is that his unconscious aspect, his higher self as it is sometimes called, has managed to make contact with the conscious or lower Self and is able to bring it to react to its Karma, to bring its lives into balance. Our time in the 'Bardo', the realm or dimension between lives is spent with this knowledge of Karma, but if, once born, we fail to listen to ourselves, fail to react to our inner intuitions then lessons of that life may have to be experienced all over again, and again and again until we learn to respect our Selves, and get our priorities right.

Now dear reader, should you be confused by what I write let me assure you there are others right alongside there with you! It means you are thinking, which is a divine gift that few of us use. I ask that you do not take me too literally, but seek the idea that lies between the lines. What is required of you is that you get the general idea, rather than the details. The details will work themselves out in your mind without much effort from yourself, IF you allow them to. That way you will work out your own answers, which will probably be much better than mine.

Karma is the universal principle of cause and effect. If you allow it to work properly within your soul it can only do good. If you close yourself to the constant communications and intuitions you are receiving from your soul, then you are likely to bring suffering upon yourself. It is entirely up to you O seeker! If you know your Self, and are at peace with your inner self, you will always do the right thing and need fear nothing (except fear itself).

It matters not how straight the gate,
How charged with punishment the scroll,
I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul.


Chinese Yin Yang symbol

KARMA The Yin and Yang of it.

The Chinese philosophical symbol of Yin and Yang, pictured here, illustrates the one great Truth of the Universe that all things are held in balance, even this great globe upon which we minutely sit rests in space in a majestically circular state of finely balanced tension. Upset that tension and it will either readjust, or fall apart ! The same applies to such abstracts as good and evil, sound and silence, health and sickness, life and death they are all relative to each other, all depend upon each other, all finely balanced the one with the other.
Each one of us has a soul to keep in balance. Upset that balance with some foolish and hurtful misdeed and we spend a succession of lives re-establishing the Law of Opposites reaping that we have sown. The process of balancing is what we call Karma. It owes nothing to religion but relies upon knowledge and responsibility that we should (but usually dont!) have.
We all have our own way of expressing the Law that controls the Law. We call it God, or Shiva, or Jehovah or even Buddha though the latter, possibly more than any other man was responsible for bringing the phenomenon to our notice and in truth is too historical to be made into a God.