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REINCARNATION & THE SOUL: A thoughtful journey through past lives.
Recommended Reading

Here you will find a list of Books which I recommend for those who wish to pursue their investigations beyond this page.


Extracted from REINCARNATION: AN EAST/WEST ANTHOLOGY. Compiled by J.Head and S. Cranston. ISBN 0-8356-0035-1
---- A useful reference book, particularly when discussing Past Lives with sceptics! Lists many many quotes from all over the world, by world famous figures who accept (or accepted in their lifetime) the principle of Reincarnation. ....Ed.

A flower blossoms then withers and dies. It leaves a fragrance behind, which, long after its delicate petals are but a little dust, still lingers in the air.... Let a note be struck on an instrument, and the faintest sound produces an eternal echo. A disturbance is created on the invisible waves of the shoreless ocean of space, and the vibration is never wholly lost. Being carried from the world of matter into the immaterial world it will live for ever.
And yet we are asked to believe that man, the living, thinking, reasoning entity, the in-dwelling deity of our nature's crowning masterpiece, will evacuate his casket of flesh and be no more! Really, the very idea is preposterous ...
H.P. Blavatsky 19th cent.

Extracted from WE ARE ONE ANOTHER by Dr Arthur Guirdham. A remarkable book that introduced the medieval tragedy of the christian Cathar persecutions to the UK. Dr Guirdham, a consultant psychiatrist discovered that a small group of his patients had shared lives together 700 years ago. One psychologist who rubbished the whole idea found to his discomfiture that he had been closely involved in the same drama. A fascinating door into the whole concept of Past Lives. ....Ed

The second dream was more terrifying. She was walking barefoot towards a stake and heaped faggots. There were others with her. On the way someone struck her with a burning torch.... in her childhood she had a horror of fire .... she was acutely sensitive to atmosphere and in the course of business interviews sometimes encountered people who radiated evil ...... She asked me to look at her hip ... I saw, slightly above it, a belt of strange protuberances .. in appearance they looked like large blisters produced by burns - "This is where the burning torch hit you?" I asked lightly - "Yes" she said.

Extracted from DISCOVERING PAST LIVES by Glenn Williston and Judith Johnstone. ISBN 0-85030-729-5 -----this book provides a large number of case histories of subject clients who approached Dr Williston for help in unravelling many of the more damaging influences from their past lives. Professionally written, and very readable. ...Ed.

Within each eternal soul reside the memories and perceptions of many lifetimes. Meticulously recorded, these images play an important role in shaping the persons we are today. Just as a child's earliest experiences have a profound influence on the later adult, so the stored knowledge of past lives contributes to and affects our present choices and decisions.

Extracted from OTHER LIVES, OTHER SELVES by Dr Roger Woolger. Dr Woolger has developed a form of regression therapy based on a light form of altered consciousness, in which the subject remains totally aware of what is happening. Hypnotism is not used. Dr Woolger runs 3 and 5 day workshops for anyone interested in testing his practices, or who wishes to train in his methods. The book is for professionals, but is very easy to read. ***** Ed.

....many people tend to dismiss reports of past life remembering by saying that they cannot be authentic because they contain historical inconsistencies. And yet these very skeptics probably would not dismiss the 'reality' of their own childhoods simply because certain details of their memories proved to be false.

THE RETURN by Josephine Sellers: ISBN 0-9516963 00.

The true story of a family who find themselves drawn back to live on an ancient site of energy and worship, in Dorset, England, a site which they last inhabited thousands of years ago. It is also the story of how the mother, Josephine Sellers, came to terms with her own psychic talents which had troubled her since early childhood. With the help of her mysterious 'guide' and a circle of supportive friends she managed to shed the inhibitions of her culture, not only to receive messages of great relevance to these changing times, but also to regain contact with that inner Self which is the source of wisdom and strength. See next page for the website link ....Ed

From: YESTERDAY'S CHILDREN.. by Jenny Cockell. ISBN 0-7499-1246-4
This is the extraordinary story of Jenny who from an early age had clear and disturbing memories of a death as Mary, some 21 years before her own birth. She succeeded in uncovering her past and tracing 'Mary's' children who were now over 20 years older than herself. How many more mothers and fathers are we going to find in this new century who have children older than themselves?

.... I had been ill for weeks... and had to make an effort to draw each breath, which in itself induced panic. All this was inconsequential beside my fear for the children I was leaving behind. I wanted to fight the inescapable death, to avoid that final separation. ...death came repeatedly and inevitably, many times, in my dreams as a young child in this life.

An interesting example, this tale, of how an emotional trauma at death can carry into other lives. .. Ed.

CHILDREN'S PAST LIVES: How Past Life Memories Affect your Child. by Carol Bowman. ISBN 0-553-57485-X

Culture is a form of Thought-soup in which we swim during the short periods of our Earth-lives. It is created from a mix of political and religious ingredients and can become so thick that we can scarcely move in it. Into this soup our children our born, many of them brimming with memories of past lives which can sometimes make the present life quite hard to bear. Parents, Priests, Teachers and Politicians generally choose to ignore these past influences and this ignorance leads to a fear of death and beyond which is then transmitted almost immediately to the small minds that eye their new lives with no little apprehension.
From Carol Bowmans book we learn how children try to tell us about their far memories and how to tell whether they are fantasising or dealing in hard facts. The lessons to be learned from her pages, the warnings and above all the multitude of case histories make this a book which is not only fascinating but immensely important. It makes an excellent companion book to Dr Woolgers Other Lives, Other Selves - covering the same subject but from a different angle. Bowman was triggered into writing this book by her experiences with her own children. As a result she has joined the small but growing corpus of enlightened scientists and therapists who are dragging us, screaming and kicking, into the 21st century.
Within the pages of her books lie a host of incidents and advices that must surely enlighten those who have the courage to explore taboo territories.

See next page for link to Carol Bowman's website - a 'must'!

THE TIBETAN BOOK OF LIVING AND DYING: by Sogyal Rinpoche ISBN 0 7126 7139-0.

If any book can be considered to be the bible of the 21st century, this must be it. It is the Easy Reader of Buddhist philosophy, and I recommend it not because I am a Buddhist, which I am not, but because so much of its content explains and tallies with what I have personally experienced, and what so many of my friends have personally experienced.
Sogyal is particularly concerned with death, and in particular with the Western attitude to death and dying, which is, at the very least, notable for its astonishing ignorance and unseemly fear, a fear which lies at the root of so much Western illusion and insecurity.
The author's aim is 'To inspire a quiet revolution in the whole way we look at death, and care for the dying, and so the whole way we look at life and care for the living.' In this he must surely succeed. .... Ed

THE GNOSTIC GOSPELS: by Elaine Pagels.

I feel that it is important that if we are to understand the workings of infinity, the inevitable cycles of birth and rebirth that mark our sojourns in this dimension we call temporal existence (ie. an existence that includes time) - then we may very well have to make some effort to jettison the ancient beliefs with which we have been bombarded from childhood; beliefs which have a far greater influence on our ability to think and rationalise than we realise. For this reason I include this excellent book by Prof Pagels, which is not only a work of scholarship, but immensely readable into the bargain.
The discovery of the Gnostic Gospels in 1945 revealed that there was once another Christianity that has but a light relationship with the Christianity of today. If our theologians have got so much so wrong, what is the full depth of our ignorance and misunderstanding about our Western religion? This is 'crunch' time - we have to start finding out things for ourselves. I suggest you make a start with this book!