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REINCARNATION & THE SOUL: A thoughtful journey through past lives.
The Ancient Wisdom

Foreword by the author:
Most of the comments on this page concern the relationship of the soul to our material selves, and to the singular Energy of the cosmos, in which we all play an immortal part.   Nothing religious here ! 
The source of the wisdom that follows is esoteric.  It has been passed to us from a source I shall call Chagten.  Names mean nothing against the backdrop of eternity: what matters is that such wisdom as we receive should be passed on so that those who are ready for it may use it.
Chagten is but one of a band of spiritual communicants who have made contact with us from the other side of the 'purple veil' .  The messages we receive from those 'sources'  all belong to that golden thread of intuition that runs through most religions, whatever God they happen to be worshipping at any particular time.  This thread we call 'The Ancient Wisdom',  and it is made of one part knowledge and one part intuition.  'Belief' should not enter the equation for it is fuelled more by second hand opinion and a desire for certainty than personal experience or a thirst for adventure, but at our primitive stage of spiritual evolution it still seems to have a small part to play. 
At the same time I must warn, if somewhat pompously, that   with the world in its present state we cannot afford to indulge in the religious prejudices and convictions of our leaders, be they priests or politicians: the penalties are too great.  Indeed, I am prompted to observe that against the long, long backdrop of history, those with the deepest convictions seem to have created the greatest woes and confusions amongst their fellow men. 
Belief requires conviction, for it rests only lightly upon evidence, and is fuelled more by enthusiasm and a desire for consensus and security than either knowledge or intuition.
Wisdom, on the other hand, requires no conviction for it is the child of Thought and Intuition both of which, if we listen carefully to ourselves, are communicated through our souls (sometimes with help from the 'other side').  Wisdom is therefore an individual activity which requires understanding rather than belief, and does not need the tidal surge of the mob to move it along.  Those who  listen to the Goddess of Wisdom, be she Mary, or Isis or Sophia will find that that they  are all moving in the same direction, without the need to lean on the dogma of scriptures or creeds.
                                                        John Lloyd

Chagten says:
Look you upon each day as the slow grinding of the wheel, and feel the fineness which is within you begin to come through. If the wheel stops, then what is left is what you are, to the satisfaction of the miller. The direction you are going in is the direction you were facing the day before.
There is always a rightness of direction, and if you are on that path then whatever you meet you were meant to meet.
My friend, the perplexities of the mind often fog the way. Do not worry about the future, but wonder at where you are at today and give thanks that you have come thus far!


Here is a deep think !!
- "Today has been fashioned by your yesterday,
and tomorrow depends upon today"

Chagten says:
HOLY BOOKS? They Are All Holy!
Many place great store by books they consider to be holy, and they are even prepared for violence in argument over those they consider to be more holy than others. My friend, all books are holy, just as all men who cause them to be are holy.
All thought which transcends the physical and seeks for a name by which it shall be known is an act of divinity. This may be quite likely a heresy to those whose beliefs have been formed by others, and then followed with slavish devotion, but it is nevertheless so. Even these words, which you inscribe deep into the fabric of your meditation are holy words. They are the product of what is I, and what is You, and we are holy men no more or less than any others.




There are numberless ways of passing through the earthly avenues, but there is but one white road on which to focus your vision. On this road you may pass the straggler, and then continue the journey under tomorrows sun only to discover that he who was the straggler now treads within your shadow, and is close behind you.

Rejoice! the road is open to all, and he who was burdened and
laden down with the weight of the darkness can now find that his feet have become lightsome and falter no longer. On the other hand he who was a speck in the far distance may discover that his way has become sluggish due to fancies
and hindrances which he has permitted to engulf him.

So I beseech you that you keep your eyes on that horizon of light, and do not become mindful of those who would deter your progress. You will find that he who was unenlightened will one day tread in your shadow because once in his earthly life you passed his way. Example leads and others will follow. If you touch the soul of just one of your fellow travellers he will never lose sight of you, even though you have passed beyond his vision.                                                Chagten



Chagten says:

Chagten says:
Some paths are better suited to others rather than to yourself, but always there is a path that beckons with compulsion, and that shall be the first path to tread. 
Do you feel an unreadiness? - or an unwillingness? There is but a fine line of difference!  You shall find that if you are willing, then readiness shall be given.
When you meet with other minds of a likeness to yours, think you how you are gathered, by choice - or by chance?  Nothing is by chance, so then you must meet by choice!  So then you may ask yourself, by whose choice are you met?
Please think upon this and find that inner strength which fortifies your soft shell and helps you better to withstand the experiences to follow.


The Gnostic Jesus says:
                   If you do not understand how fire came to be, then it will burn you. If you do not understand what water is, then what is the use of being baptised?  If you do not understand the wind, then it will blow you over.  If you do not understand the body that you are now wearing, then when it dies you will die with it. 
                 And if you do not understand your own mind, how can you understand the great All from which you came?
This is a typical Gnostic Christian saying, containing a depth and wealth of meaning that the Literal Christian has difficulty in understanding.


Here is a deep think !!
- "Today has been fashioned by your yesterday,
and tomorrow depends upon today"