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REINCARNATION & THE SOUL: A thoughtful journey through past lives.
Dreaming into the Past

Michael was aged about 55 when he started to suffer from a number of severe nightmares. Black horror would descend upon his dreams, in which he found himself lying horizontal gabbling prayers to God in despairing attempts to turn aside some frightful fate. Eventually he went to a medium, distrusting the attitudes of orthodox medicine in such matters. The medium told him a number of things which were interesting, some which were'nt and then she said "Do you know that you have lived many, many lives before this one?" She went on to tell him that in some way his troubles were caused by a past life and she recommended that he should seek the assistance of a hypnotherapist who was well respected for her work with past life regression.
Michael had never been hypnotised before and was surprised how quickly and easily he found himself in a relaxed trance state, fully conscious of what was going on. To cut this rather long story short, it appears that Michael was a young priest in the Provence area of France in the 13th century. he had been accused of heresy and was on the run. He was inadvertently betrayed to the inquisition by his niece, a little girl of about 10 years. After interrogation he was put to the torture. Whilst lying on a large wooden table waiting for his eyes to be removed and his right hand to be crushed between two wooden blocks, he suddenly recognised the scene as being the precise picture of his nightmares, the same terror, the same gabbled prayers - everything. He was eventually burned at the stake.
Michael had no more nightmares - at the same time the incident proved to be a turning point in his life as began to realise that all the ideas he had held about himself needed to be re-examined, drastically.

As the stars looked to me when I was a shepherd in Assyria, they look to me now as a New Englander. As far back as I can remember I have unconsciously referred to the experiences of a previous state of existence.
Henry Thoreau (American writer d.1862)

And so we shall all have to begin again... What worlds we have seen together, you and I. It has all, my dear, happened scores of times before - mother and child and friend - and lover.
Walter De La Mere (English writer 1956)