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REINCARNATION & THE SOUL: A thoughtful journey through past lives.

On these pages I will be discussing recent developments and discoveries in the field of Reincarnation, Past Lives, the Mind and the Soul, and how the return to a past life can heal mental obsessions, phobias and other mental disturbances. Have patience - watch this space and be amazed !!

It has been estimated that about 50% of the UK population either believe, or have a suspicion that they have lived before. I do not know if that is accurate or not, but you can try it out for yourself - when you are next in a party quietly ask around and see how many positive answers you get. Try this out a few times and you may well be surprised by the results.


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At the risk of oversimplifying, it would seem that
certain broad principles govern the process of
moving from one life to another.

1. The death experience though sometimes initially painful is always recalled as being a welcome relief.

2. Powerful negative emotions - grief, anger, fear, guilt etc - , experienced during the dying process can often have an adverse effect on subsequent lives.

3. One of the aims of a life is to die 'in a state
of Grace'. That is - in a state of knowledge and understanding of one's situation.

4. Many, if not most children carry memories of their past lives with them. Negative, violent memories can, if suppressed, cause mental or physical imbalance later in life.

5. Many, if not most phobias and obsessions are caused by traumas experienced in previous lives.

6. Persistent and unexplained physical afflictions are often caused by past life traumas.

7. After death, the conscious soul moves into a different 'reality'. This reality can be confused if the death is very sudden and violent. The personality, through ignorance of its true situation can refuse to accept the fact of death and attempt to carry on as normal. There being no body, the result is considerable confusion and unhappiness causing 'ghostly' appearances, or feelings of 'spiritual' presence.

8. Very often, though not necessarily always, some members of a family or other social grouping will be found to have shared previous lives together. The purpose may be to redress or rebalance some unsatisfactory aspect of the previous life or lives.

9. Sometimes an unfortunate experience can be
repeated through life after life - family relationship, miscarriage, physical abuse etc. This can be attributed to a lack of awareness or understanding by the personality of the true nature of itself and the reality of its situation. Knowledge has been found to be a great healer, though it is not yet clear why this should be so.

10. It is recorded that everyone who has experienced past life recall has undergone a radical change in their relationships not only with people but with the environment about them. They have no fear of death, having experienced it as a gentle transitional phase. Being aware that at one time or other they have been a member of every race and creed under the sun, any form of prejudice becomes illogical.

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The Author

Table of Contents
1 Jan 2002
On the following pages I will be discussing case histories, including my own experiences and those of people I personally know. Meanwhile - here is a quote from Benjamin Franklins epitaph, written by himself.

The Body of B.Franklin,
Like the Cover of an Old Book,
Its Contents Torn Out
Stripped of its Lettering and Gilding
Lies Here
Food for Worms
But the Work shall not be Lost
For it will, as He Believed,
Appear Once More
In a New and More Elegant Edition
Revised and Corrected
By the Author.



              WHAT ITS ABOUT 
        It is important to understand that the phenomenon we call reincarnation, the acceptance that we all return to this world-life many many times, is not a religious enthusiasm neither is it a mysterious New Age invention - no - it is a reality to be used as a remarkable healing tool, capable of lifting us out of deadly or crippling confusions which can make our lives hell.


Western cultures have been conditioned to treat Reincarnation as a mystery which must not be explored because the doctrine forbids it, as a belief which is based on irrational superstition, or as an oriental abberation born of centuries of misled paganism.
But reincarnation should not be a belief. Belief is something second-hand that is learned, taken on board from someone elses opinions. Far memory, on the other hand, is something that can be accessed by anybody who has the desire to explore, to suck it and see, to open doors that have been closed by Western religious belief systems.
Increasingly today, those psychologists who are not a-feared to unlock rusty doors and peer into the forbidden darknesses beyond, those scientists are using the past memories of patients as tools for healing. Today's mental imbalance may very well be caused by some trauma experienced not necessarily in the childhood of this life, but rooted in an incident that occured several centuries ago.It may be a trauma of guilt, or terror, or rage or other powerful negative emotion.
The act of bringing the patient face to face with some dark and rejected shadow of the past may very well clear damage that has been bugging that patient all his/her life. It may be a fear of flying, dislike of one's own children, nightmares, one of many other obsessions or phobias, or even a physical disability.
Until recently the method used to access past memories was hypnotism but now practitioners like Dr Roger Woolger and many other psychiatrists of the Jungian school use a much more relaxed form of altered consciousness which allows the subject to remain totally conscious of the Self throughout the proceedings.
Some people are put off by the apparent violence of the memories that flood back in from those far off days. " Why is it," they ask," that these memories have to be so unpleasant ?" The answer is that these are the memories that cause the trouble, and the unconscious Self requires the conscious self to clear these ones from the record, so to speak. Those who experience such memories never regret the experience. The ultimate reaction, after returning to the reality of this life, is one of wonder, relief, even gratitude

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